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ADM Capital Foundation

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The Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility offers long-term loans to projects and companies in Indonesia that stimulate green growth and rural jobs.

It’s a partnership between ADM Capital/ADM Capital Foundation, BNP Paribas (“BNPP”), UN Environment (“UNEP”) and World Agroforestry Centre (“ICRAF”), the facility launched in October 2016 with support from government ministers and other Indonesian officials.

ADM Capital drives positive change in businesses, as they support entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s leading enterprise in the absence of traditional finance. They believe that the social and environmental aspects of business ultimately influences return. Therefore, ADM Capital expect that their investments, whilst producing superior returns, should be based on ecologically sound principles.

The ADM Capital Foundation, led by Lisa Genasci and her team is impact driven and 100% focused on making positive, realisable change in Asia. Through research, ADM Capital Foundation identifies environmental challenges then works toward solutions across five key areas: marine ecology, water security, air quality (climate change), wildlife trade and forestry conservation finance.

Where ADMCF sees an environmental challenge that is not being addressed, they will look to initiate and incubate an initiative to fill the gap, or look to provide support to another in order to realise the necessary impact.