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China Water Risk (CWR) aims to catalyse a better understanding of the complex web of water risks to unlock innovations. They strive to be the “go-to” resource on water risks and collaborate with experts, research & scientific institutes as well as IGOs and NGOs to bring users the latest views on water & climate risks in the region.

Over the years the ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF) and Cheddar Media have worked together in the creation and optimisation of brand identities, websites and design items like reports, books and general collateral items for ADMCF’s initiatives, partners and ADMCF supported organisations.

We are truly humbled to work with such a fantastic team of visionaries, who never cease to increase their breadth of reach and deliver on what they seek to achieve. Working with a team of individuals who constantly strive for good, through education and well executed project implementations makes our existence so much more meaningful, we are grateful.